Mission, Vision and Values

To be a leading independent provider of accredited qualifications in Business & Finance, Education Sciences, Information Technology and Public Administration.

We are committed to contribute to global economic growth by providing relevant, appropriate and accredited qualification to national, regional and global workforce.

We are applying a learner-centered approach that emphasizes on real-world skill sets in order to develop highly-skilled, principled and responsible graduates.


To be a leading provider of accredited certificates, diplomas and degrees to African graduates and beyond with the aim to contribute towards global economic growth.


Fachs College is dedicated to providing internationally-accredited professional education through supporting, encouraging, and producing applied and educational research and developing relationships with relevant stakeholders to service to South African, the regional and the global job markets.

Commitment to Educational Excellence

Fachs College is committed to educational excellence with the support of professional development programs, highly qualified academic teams and industry relevant qualifications. We integrate technology, connect students to the business community, and prepare students for life-long learning which is needed to adapt and succeed in a competitive global society.

Intellectual Contributions

Through research, Fachs College contributes to the national skills development needs of South Africa. We strive to do this by vigorously pursuing research, engaging in critical thinking, developing teaching materials, and sharing results with various industry stakeholders.

Professional Service

Our academic board provides their professional expertise to organisations by consulting and by serving in leadership or advisory roles. By assuming positions of responsibility in professional organisations, they promote regional, national, and international exchange of ideas.